Vivo X70 Pro Review | Attractive and Sophisticated Camera

Vivo has released the latest generation Vivo X70 Pro. This mobile phone still carries gimbal camera technology and works with ZEISS.

The biggest differentiator of the vivo X70 Pro compared to the previous one is the camera module used and this time using a special chipset developed by vivo with Mediatek.

As long as I use it, the vivo X70 Pro is satisfactory for daily use. The cellphone looks beautiful with a capable camera even though for some reason from the performance side it seems that it still needs to be optimized.

Vivo X70 Design

Vivo lately has often released cellphones with attractive designs and I have even seen that several other brands of cellphones have adopted them. It’s not strange to see Vivo again showing its expertise in designing the Vivo X70 Pro.

This cellphone looks very good from various sides even though the design style is still the same since the vivo X50 Pro. On the sides of the cellphone, it looks symmetrical between the curve of the screen, the back casing, and the aluminum frame.

The aluminum frame is bluish silver in color with a matte finish. The volume and power buttons on the right side of the phone feel good when pressed without making a sound. At the bottom of the frame are dual sim card slots, microphone holes, speakers and USB-C.

At the top of the vivo X70 Pro there is a microphone hole and uniquely there is an infrared sensor to control other electronic devices. There is also a small “Professional Photography” at the top.

The back of the cellphone uses a material with Fluorite AG technology which feels soft in the hand, I even like to stroke this part for fun. The Aurora Dawn color variant of the vivo X70 Pro that I use can look silver, bluish, or even slightly purplish depending on the angle of view.

Like today’s flagship phones, there is a camera bulge on the back of this cellphone. vivo seems to be using a design trick with two different layers of camera protrusion so that the part doesn’t stand out too much.

The placement of the camera components on the protrusion looks attractive coupled with the embedding of the camera specifications and the ZEISS logo. For this ZEISS logo, I personally don’t like seeing it, it just doesn’t fit the overall design of the cellphone. Luckily the logo is small.

vivo X70 Pro has standard dimensions, not too big but not too small. It weighs only 184 grams so it doesn’t make my arms tired quickly when used daily.

It should be noted that unfortunately the Vivo X70 Pro does not have a water and dust resistance certification which should have become the standard for current flagship class phones.


vivo X70 Pro uses an AMOLED screen measuring 6.56 “with a resolution of 1080 × 2736 pixels. The screen also supports a 120Hz refresh rate which can provide smoother animations.

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This refresh rate can be set manually in 120Hz, 60Hz mode, or automatically adjusts to the situation. Unfortunately the automatic mode seems less than optimal, I often find the refresh rate even feels like using 60Hz when for example I’m scrolling web pages in Chrome.

The solution to this problem is that it’s easy to just set the refresh rate to continue to be active in 120Hz mode. But of course this will suck up the cellphone battery faster.

The screen display quality is satisfactory when I use it to enjoy various content. Even used outdoors, the screen is bright enough so that the display on the screen can still be seen clearly.

In the rest of the top center of the screen there is a hole for the placement of the selfie camera. To protect the screen from scratches, by default the Vivo X70 Pro screen has a plastic screen protector installed.

For fingerprint scanning, the Vivo X70 Pro uses an optical fingerprint scanner under the screen. The fingerprint scanning process is quite fast and I haven’t encountered any annoying issues.


vivo X70 Pro uses a specially designed MediaTek Dimensity 1200-vivo chipset. This cellphone is also equipped with 12GB of RAM which can be added virtually through the Extended RAM 4.0 feature of 4GB. I don’t think this feature is useful because the RAM is already very large.

The internal storage capacity provided by the Vivo X70 Pro is quite wide, which is 256GB. Therefore, vivo seems confident not to present the microSD slot feature on this cellphone.

The performance of the vivo X70 Pro when I use it for daily activities is quite fast. However, for some reason, several times I found the animation displayed on the screen of the cellphone was not smooth even in 120Hz mode.

Used to play popular games such as PUBG and Mogile Legends, the vivo X70 Pro is able to play them smoothly at high graphics settings. Unfortunately the speakers in the vivo X70 Pro are mono models and the sound output is not ok. Need to use a headset to be able to enjoy more fun audio when playing games or watching movies.

Funtouch OS 12 is present as the operating system of the vivo X70 Pro which is based on Android 11. This special operating system from vivo presents various additional features such as Ultra Game Mode to optimize mobile phone performance when playing games and at the same time reduce distractions.

As I mentioned earlier, the vivo X70 Pro provides an infrared remote control. Thanks to this feature, I can use the vivo X70 Pro like a remote to control electronic devices at home such as TV and AC.


It is predictable from his collaboration with ZEISS that the Vivo X70 Pro is a camera-focused phone. The rear camera on the vivo X70 Pro is protected with a ZEISS T* Coating glass to reduce the effects of reflection, ghosting, and stray light when taking pictures or recording videos.

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The rear camera itself consists of 4 lenses, namely a 50MP SONY IMX766V lens with Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera technology, a 12MP SONY IMX663 portrait lens, a 12MP Ultra Wide-Angle lens, and an 8MP telephoto lens. The camera is also equipped with a laser sensor to assist the focusing process.

The main camera shots of the vivo X70 Pro are good in various situations. The photos are sharp and can show overall details well even in dark areas. However, in certain situations, such as the photo above, it is a bit blurry, causing bright areas in the photo such as clouds and tiles to lose detail.

The gimbal technology in the vivo X70 Pro camera helps stabilize the camera when shooting or video recording to produce clearer and more stable photos and videos.

vivo X70 Pro also provides a 50MP mode to capture images with maximum resolution. But I don’t recommend this mode because in addition to making the photo very large, the photo is actually too bright and makes a lot of photo details disappear.

vivo X70 Pro uses a 12MP SONY IMX663 lens as the main lens for portrait photos. This lens also functions as a telephoto lens with 2x optical magnification. The resulting portrait photos look attractive even though the separation between the photo object and the background is a little less neat.

The main telephoto lens on the vivo X70 Pro is capable of producing photos with 5x optical magnification. This cellphone is also capable of digital zooming up to 60x.

Both at 2x and 5x magnification, the results of the vivo X70 Pro are still sharp. But in 5x zoom mode in the example below the photo looks darker than the original. For 60x digital zoom, the photo looks blurry so I don’t think this feature is useful.

vivo X70 Pro has an ultra wide lens to produce photos with a wider viewing angle. This lens is also used to photograph objects at a very close distance through the macro mode.

At night, the main camera of the vivo X70 Pro can produce photos of satisfactory quality even in auto mode. The results of the night photo are not too dark, but the description and detail in the photo can still be seen well.

Night mode is also available to produce more detailed and brighter night photos. This night mode can be applied to all lenses on the Vivo X70 Pro camera.

The portrait mode at night makes my face look smoother where the details of wrinkles on the face are lost. If you use Night mode, the details on my face are well recorded again.

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For the front camera, the Vivo X70 Pro uses a 32MP camera that can produce selfie photos with good quality. The portrait mode and Night mode features are also available for the front camera in order to produce more interesting photos.

For video recording, the Vivo X70 Pro will use standard stabilization by default. If you want a more stable video in a situation where there is a lot of motion such as running, there is an Ultra Stabilization feature that can be activated.

There is also a Super Night feature for brighter night videos but this feature cannot be activated at the same time as Ultra Stabilization. The video recording resolution on the vivo X70 Pro can reach 4K with a frame rate of 60FPS.

If you want more control when recording videos or taking pictures, Vivo presents the Pro mode in the Vivo X70 Pro default camera application. In Pro mode, it can also be set to produce RAW format photos so that they are more flexible later on for editing.


As long as I used the vivo X70 Pro, I was very impressed with the battery life with a capacity of 4,450mAh. I can use this phone for up to 2 days of use with a screen on time of 5 hours 24 minutes from 100% battery to 10% with my standard daily usage and the refresh rate is set in Smart Switch mode.

Tested using the PC Mark application with a screen brightness setting at 50%, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a 100% battery, the vivo X70 Pro scored 15 hours 15 minutes. The same test but at a refresh rate of 120Hz resulted in a score of 13 hours 42 minutes.

The strong battery life of the Vivo X70 Pro has a negative effect. By default vivo seems to do rather aggressive app battery power management. So it is necessary to set some important applications such as widgets on the mobile screen, WhatsApp, and GMail so that the use of battery power is not optimized so that information remains in sync.

For charging the battery, the Vivo X70 Pro supports 44W FlashCharge charging technology. Using the built-in charger and cable, it will take about 1 hour 4 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 100% level.

Unfortunately the vivo X70 Pro does not support wireless charging. Even though most of today’s flagship phones already support wireless charging even with high charging speeds.


Vivo X70 Pro is a beautiful flagship phone with fast performance even though it feels less consistent. The camera is tough for various situations and the embedded gimbal technology allows it to produce clearer and more stable photos and videos.

The battery is also very durable and can be recharged quickly. Unfortunately, the Vivo X70 Pro still uses mono speakers, no water resistance certification, and does not provide wireless battery charging.