Realme GT Master Edition review – Flagship Experience, Everything is Faster

Some time ago realme gave a breakthrough through its newest product called realme GT Master Edition.

As the first mobile phone from the GT line that replaces the X line, the realme GT Master Edition is of course included in the high-end mobile phone that does not play with what it offers.

Not only does it carry excellent specifications in it, the realme GT Master Edition presents a design that is quite unique and different than many today’s mobile phones. In fact, realme collaborated with a well-known designer from Japan, Naoto Fukasawa to create a beautiful display.

On the back cover, the realme GT Master Edition has a design inspired by a travel suitcase complete with horizontal curves. The chrome plated realme writing and Naoto Fukasawa’s signature also adorn the rear view. The design is deliberately presented by realme as a form of encouragement to its users to continue to explore. The design of the realme GT Master Edition does look more unique than the Daybreak Blue variant or even its competitors such as the Vivo V21 which has the same price range.

At first glance from a distance, the design of the realme GT Master Edition can be said to be not too flashy. But when examined closely, it will make anyone who sees it curious, especially when held directly.

The horizontal curve that is presented not only adds to the minimalist aesthetic it carries, but also makes it safer to hold because it provides a better grip. In addition, the vegan leather material that covers it feels very smooth in the hand and prevents slipping when used for a long time.

realme also embeds a camera module containing three lenses, an LED light, and the words Matrix AI Camera with a display that matches the entire rear body of the realme GT Master Edition.

Turning to the front, the realme GT Master Edition has a 6.4-inch full screen with FHD+ resolution of 2400×1400 pixels with a punch hole in the top right corner. The screen certainly has very capable features such as support for 120Hz Refresh Rate, 360Hz Touch Sampling Rate, 1,000 nits brightness, and 100% DCI-P3 color coverage.

Relying on the AMOLED panel from Samsung, the large screen of the realme GT Master Edition is sure to be able to display images that are rich in color and clear, even when used in the hot sun. Consuming entertainment content, be it videos or playing games, will certainly be more immersive.

Moreover, 120Hz Refresh Rate support will not only display smoother animations while playing games but also provide a smoother and more responsive navigation experience. By default, the system detects and selects the optimal refresh rate when running an application.

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To be able to push the refresh rate that high, the realme GT Master Edition is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset which is made using 6nm fabrication. The chipset carries an 8-core CPU with a speed of 2.4GHz and an Adreno 642L GPU to handle all applications that are run.

Although the Snapdragon 778G 5G is indeed not the fastest chipset at the moment, the performance it presents is very capable, especially if you want to be invited to play games. Moreover, this chipset is also ready to support 5G networks in its price range.

Meanwhile, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage are asked to meet the needs of applications that are increasingly consuming memory. There is also a variant of 6GB RAM and 128GB storage at a more affordable price for those of you who feel that is enough.

Interestingly, the realme GT Master Edition is also equipped with the RAM Expansion feature which is becoming a trend lately. Through the RAM Expansion feature, unused empty storage can be converted into 5GB Virtual RAM so that in theory the total RAM you have can be 13GB.

When tested using AnTuTu v9, the toughness of the specifications it carries is even more visible. This latest cellphone from realme managed to score 541,182 points, far past the realme 8 5G and very competitive with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra even in terms of performance if you look at the reviews that the Gadgetren team has done before.

This performance certainly cannot be separated from the embedded Snapdragon 778 5G which was recorded to get a score of 791 points for Single Core and 2,767 points for Multi Core in the Geekbench 5 application.

In everyday use, the realme GT Master Edition is also very comfortable to be invited to do various activities, whether it’s surfing in cyberspace to playing games. The combination of a powerful kitchen runway and 120Hz screen provides an experience that is usually only found on high-end mobile phones.

Mobile game lovers will also fall in love with the performance offered. The reason is, the realme GT Master Edition is even able to run Mobile Legends and Free Fire at the highest graphic quality available without any problems at all in all situations.

Plus, realme also immerses the GT Mode feature which can be activated easily via Quick Settings. This feature is claimed to always make maximum performance, but I don’t really feel a significant difference when GT Mode is activated or not.

When used for a long time, the body of the realme GT Master Edition is more likely to be warm than hot so it won’t be too uncomfortable for comfort. It’s just that, the body quickly warms up even though I’m just browsing using WiFi.

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Besides having superior performance, one other thing that is the main attraction of the realme GT Master Edition is its charging ability. During the test period, the realme GT Master Edition was able to charge from 18% to full again in just 27 minutes. Very fast.

This is possible thanks to the 65W SuperDart technology that realme has developed. Of course, instead, the cables and chargers provided in the sales package are somewhat larger than most cellphones in general.

Regarding the durability itself, the realme GT Master Edition is powered by a 4,300mAh battery which is considered sufficient to accompany activities throughout the day. It’s a shame it still hasn’t reached 5,000mAh like most cellphones nowadays, but I don’t really blame it after seeing the durability it has.

In testing using PCMark for Android with 100% battery condition, Auto refresh rate, and 50% brightness level, this cellphone managed to get a score of 12 hours 48 minutes. Interestingly, when the 120Hz refresh rate option is activated, you only see a difference of 8 minutes. The battery life is more or less on par with the ASUS ROG Phone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy A52 .

Meanwhile, when used in real life, I can use the GT Master Edition realme until the night without the need to charge it in the middle. If I look at the history of the AccuBattery, I get a screen on time of 6 hours 59 minutes with 17% remaining battery after being active 11 hours 21 minutes from the last charge.

Of course, this number will vary depending on the intensity of the activity carried out. I myself use the realme GT Master Edition casually, starting from chatting, surfing the internet, to occasionally playing games.

Last but not least, the realme GT Master Edition is armed with a rear camera that carries a 64MP main lens configuration, an 8MP Ultra Wide-angle lens, and a 2MP Macro lens. In addition there is also a front camera with a 32MP lens from Sony stored in the punch hole.

Bringing a large resolution main lens, realme GT Master Edition is able to present adequate and quality photos with fairly accurate colors. In optimal light conditions, object details are captured well so that important moments can be captured in a lifelike manner.

Meanwhile, when used for night photography, the photos already look pretty good using Auto mode because the noise is relatively small. However, in order for the photo to look clearer, you still have to use the Night mode which will increase the saturation and exposure of the photo so that the detail of the object is maintained.

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The Ultra Wide-angle lens brought by the realme GT Master Edition manages to provide photos with a wide viewing angle of up to 119 degrees without any significant changes in quality, color, or detail compared to the main lens. That way the camera can be relied upon without worrying about the resulting photos having different qualities between the two lenses.

By only bringing a 2MP Macro lens, the photography capabilities for this segment are only a bonus. Objects can be captured quite clearly at a distance of up to 4cm, it’s just that there is distortion around it and details for surrounding objects are blurred.

The front camera needs to be admitted to produce very clear selfie photos with very good captured details and preserved colors. The dynamic range provided is also fairly good so that the cloudy sky and trees are clearly visible without any parts that have too high exposure.

As a result, selfie photos from the realme GT Master Edition are very appropriate to be displayed on social media. Likewise for selfies at night which are still clearly visible thanks to the screen brightness will be increased automatically to become an additional light source and Night mode can make photos cleaner and less noise.

Overall, the realme GT Master Edition has proven to bring powerful capabilities that deserve to be considered for anyone looking for a cellphone. All specifications have been calculated in such a way by realme in order to provide an optimal user experience.

In addition, the realme GT Master Edition also runs realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11 which offers the latest features and has multifunctional NFC for use in various needs, such as e-money to duplicate card keys.

It can be said that the realme GT Master Edition has almost no minuses in terms of performance and features it has. Those of you who are looking for a cellphone in the Rp 5 million price range will not be disappointed with everything that the realme GT Master Edition has to offer.

On the other hand, the camera and battery, although it can be said to be okay, are still segments that can still be improved. In addition, the realme GT Master Edition also has quite a lot of bloatware applications that not everyone uses. However, the realme GT Master Edition does not provide a microSD slot because there are only two SIM card slots.