OPPO A16 Review – Look Cool and Modern in Daily Life

OPPO A16 is one of the newest mobile phones in mid-2021 which will also enliven the country.

As the latest generation, OPPO A16 certainly brings various changes that make it more up-to-date for users who want a trendy device. If you are interested in asking for her hand, first look in more detail at what the OPPO A16 has to offer.

In terms of design, it must be admitted that the OPPO A16 presents a fairly luxurious design for a price tag of Rp. 1,999,000. The front display does use a full screen design with a water drop shaped notch that has become a standard for today’s cellphones.

Stretching 6.52 inches, the OPPO A16 screen can present images with HD + 1600 x 720 resolution. OPPO also embeds the Eye-Care Display feature so that the eyes can look at the screen comfortably in various conditions, such as under the hot sun or at night because it can always be seen directly.

However, the luxurious design of the OPPO A16 radiates on the back thanks to a glossy finish that will remind you of a crystal stone, as the name of the color variant is Crystal Black. There is also a Space Silver color variant that offers a futuristic impression.

When viewed from various sides, the OPPO A16 back cover seems to have a mysterious mist hidden from the surface layer, making it look very attractive. It’s just that because the coating is quite reflective, hand marks or other stains are very easy to stick.

Meanwhile, the fingerprint sensor is pinned on the side of the body along with the power button so it will feel more natural to use. Of course, this placement also makes the OPPO A16 back cover design can perform optimally without any interference.

Complementing the design, the rear camera module also looks harmonious thanks to three lenses with a large ring circle. The configuration itself consists of a 13MP main lens, a 2MP depth lens, and a 2MP macro lens. There is also a front camera with an 8MP lens.

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The main camera of the OPPO A16 manages to capture objects with sufficient detail at night. Colors are also captured quite well so that what is seen at that time can be recorded to the maximum. It’s just that the color contrast is often not appropriate.

While at night photography, the rear camera is indeed capable of producing images that are quite bright and clear. However, the sharpness is a bit subdued and noise is still visible around dark areas.

The results of macro or close-up photos from OPPO A16 are quite sufficient with clearly captured details. It’s just that there is still a little distortion on the edges which might be a little annoying.

Bringing a separate depth lens, the OPPO A16 is reliable enough to take photos with blurred backgrounds to give a dramatic impression. The intersection between the object and the background is also quite neat which is not inferior to the natural bokeh effect that is not too excessive.

In terms of selfies, the OPPO A16 front camera produces enough photos to upload on social media. The photos are also quite adequate both during the day and at night. Not to forget the Portrait and Beauty features are also provided to provide additional effects if desired.

In order to be used for photography and other activities for a long time, the OPPO A16 is equipped with a 5,000mAh battery. One of the segments that is the advantage of the OPPO A16 is claimed to be able to watch YouTube for up to 21 hours.

For starters, OPPO A16 was tested using the PCMark for Android application with a brightness level of 50% and a full battery condition. In this test, the OPPO A16 managed to get 10 hours 56 minutes. The numbers are fairly decent and very competitive with cell phones in its class.

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While in real use, OPPO A16 offers screen on time reaching 7 hours 5 minutes with various usage scenarios ranging from browsing, playing games, to watching YouTube. It’s enough to be friends until the end of the day as long as the activities carried out are not very intense continuously.

There is also a Super Nighttime Standby feature to save battery use at night. OPPO A16 can also detect charging habits at night so that later the system will stop charging after a certain limit and will resume to full before the user wakes up.

Regarding charging, it takes about 2 hours 37 minutes to charge from 19% to 100% using the 10W charger and USB-C cable provided in the sales package. Interestingly OPPO has provided short circuit and overcurrent protection to provide a sense of security while charging.

Along with a large-capacity battery, the OPPO A16 is also embedded in a kitchen runway that is quite reliable in accompanying daily activities. In its brain there is a MediaTek Helio G35 chipset which has eight cores in it.

The chipset is also accompanied by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage to meet the needs of today’s applications. There is also support for microSD up to 256GB which is separate from the two SIM card slots so that everything can be used simultaneously.

When tested using several benchmark applications, the OPPO A16 got a decent score for its class as seen on AnTuTu with 100 thousand points. More or less in line with what is expected from the Helio G35.

In everyday use, OPPO A16 offers sufficient performance. Navigating the ColorOS 11 interface based on Android 11 feels responsive without any annoying lags and all popular applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp can run without problems.

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Therefore, OPPO A16 can be used in everyday life comfortably, whether it’s surfing the internet or others because it already has reliable performance. Moreover, the Helio G35 chipset was created to support gaming needs. This is also evidenced by the various features that can be activated such as high frame rate mode in certain games.

For casual games that don’t drain too much resources, OPPO A16 can run it smoothly without any problems at all. Meanwhile, for games that require more load, sometimes it needs a little adjustment.

In Mobile Legend, for example, OPPO A16 is able to run it at High graphic quality with active HD and HFR modes. However, several times the game was a bit sluggish and not as smooth as it should be, especially when the team fights are very crowded.

Considering that Mobile Legend is an online game, there are many factors that can cause this. Fortunately, there were no obstacles at all when used to play Free Fire, everything went smoothly and smoothly.

In improving the general user experience, Color OS 11 has also been equipped with many useful features such as App Lock and Private Safe to keep data from being easily opened by others to Game Assistant so that playing games becomes more focused.

In addition there is also a feature called Black Screen Mode which allows the screen to be made very dim, but all applications are still running. Suitable for those who like to listen to music on YouTube because power consumption will be much more efficient.

After seeing all the capabilities it has, the OPPO A16 is an attractive cellphone and should be considered thanks to its beautiful design accompanied by capable performance in it. OPPO A16 can be relied on when you want to capture the moment through its camera.

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